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RETAIL SEED LIST - 2015  Check with Jerry at the Seed Plant for prices and what is available for 2015.

Velva - Reg  - New North Dakota release.  Ask on this one!

Select - Cert. - South Dakota release, resistance to scab. Two year average yield - 70 bu /a.
Glen - Reg. - Has high test weight, good scab tolerance & high protein. Carrington 3 year average yield - 66 bu/a.

Elgin  - New ND release. Ask Jerry on this one.

Barlow - Cert. - ND release, higher protein, 2 year average yield - 70 bu/a.

Prosper - Cert. - 2011 North Dakota release.  Carrington 2 year average yield 65 bu/a.

Forfront - S.D. release.


 Traditon. - Minnesota release. Malting barley.  Carrington 2 year average - 95 bu/a.

Innovation - New release


Oat Seed supply tight!

Beach - N.D. release.  

Morton - common -  Tall with strong straw.


Pembina - common. - North Dakota release.

Omega yellow -  Organic or conventional available.


-conventional. ND release, .6 maturity. Selling by the bushel, 3360 seeds per #. Test plot confirms yields 8 to 10 bu. better than Roundup Ready II beans. Ask on this variety.

For prices call Jerry @ 701-493-2808.

All prices are subject to change due to market conditions and availability of seed. For price quotes on varieties not listed call 1-800-726-3582 or 701-493-2808.

Alfalfa Available - Vernal. (Check with Jerry for current price.) Mustang 995- Performs well on marginal ground and with limited rainfall.
ORGANIC SEED: BLUE RIVER HYBRID Seed Corn available in 85 & 90 day maturity. Organic farmers - This seed available from Blue River Hybrid, a company out of Iowa with proven yields on test plots.  We have organic beans and new organic sunflowers available.  Also try 23A71, a new 86 day corn with excellent yield potential.

For Information on Mustang Seeds Soybeans and Corn, use the Mustang Seed Tab from the "Seed" dropdown menu at the top of the page.

Give Jerry a call at 493-2808 to get ahead on THIS years planting by scheduling your seed cleaning needs for this spring.

Tidbit -  There is no season such delight  can bring as summer, autumn, winter and then spring!

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